FALL 2013 – I completed my master studies at the Renmin University of China; commencing with a PhD at the Graduate School for Social Research, Warsaw, Poland.

EARLY 2013 – In January/February 2013 I had some research/lecturing activities back home. In March I was part of the organizing committee of the Second Graduate Workshop on EU-China Relations at Renmin University, where I also chaired a panel on people-to-people diplomacy. I had published this column on the Sino-Japanese dispute for Perspectives Internationales, and a piece on the question of the legitimacy of the CCP for Political Thought. Big plans for this website, lack of time to execute them.

UPDATES 2012 – some publications of the second half of 2012 include this article for EU ISS China Insight series co-authored with Wang Zhengxu; my debut column for Perspectives Internationales (I will write one every month); couple of entries [1, 2] at the China Policy Institute blog (Nottingham University); an op-ed for The Indian Express; and an article (in Serbo-Croatian) for Novi Plamen.