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In praise of Rogers Brubaker

There are some authors that simply make a change in the field of their work. Such is the fate of Rogers Brubaker, probably the most influential contemporary theorist of nationalism, ethnicity, belonging and related matters. The changes he has instigated are precisely because in addition to addressing occurrences of the social world, Brubaker discusses the […]

How much of the sky do Chinese women hold?

“Women Hold Up Half the Sky” is a Chinese proverb, a reminder that women are crucial for the development of society. Allegedly, one of Mao’s favorites. China of today remains a male-dominated society, yet, women have an ever-increasing role in all the important matters. And one factor for that is the implementation of population and […]

Surplus men

There is an ongoing debate, in China and elsewhere, about sex-selective abortion, its justification and its consequences. Sex-selective abortion is the practice of ending pregnancy contingent on the revealing of the sex of the fetus, as parents have strong preferences of what kind of kid they want to have – more often it is a […]

Bad news: Croatia appropriates Marco Polo. Good news: he might have not even been to China.

Finally, another bizarre symbolic conflict over historical figures. After having devoted a great deal of my time examining the Greco-Macedonian conflict over the narratives of ancient Macedonian origin, and the copyrights to the legacy of Alexander the Great [MA thesis, conference paper, numerous research and press articles and book out of print this week], I […]

Enter the CPC: of names, meanings and roles

Shortly after posting the entry on China’s Grand strategy, which partially drew upon an article on the longitudinal transformations of the ideology of the Communist Party of China [CPC], I came across one article that greatly complements what I had just written. It’s an op-ed authored by Xiao Deng, published in China Daily, the English […]

On China’s Grand Strategy and how to make China a harmonious society

This entry comes after I read three extraordinary pieces on the prospects of China and its Grand Strategy, published in three separate forums last week. Frank Ching at The Diplomat writes on fluid ideology of the Communist Party of China [CPC]. Over the course of its nine decades of history, the CPC has went through […]

Gender Issues for Men

Today I stumbled upon a USAID paper titled The Other Side of the Gender Equation: Gender Issues for Men in the Europe and Eurasia Region [PDF]. As the title suggests itself, the paper is a response to the tendency that while policy-makers worldwide invest plenty of resources in devising gender-sensitive policies which target and arguably, […]

Guerrilla research: Enrich your home library collections

Disclaimer: the responsibility for your actions is solely yours. Leeching academic papers is a punishable crime. Doing research in a small and poor country is quite a challenge. For the most part, it is not having access to relevant literature, software and not having proper infrastructure that restricts one’s chances for improving their papers. Factors […]

There is a world beyond the Western Balkans

Today, there is an ever growing number of people originating from Southeast Europe, and especially from the Western Balkans countries, that complete their graduate studies abroad. Many of these future academics come from various fields in the social sciences and humanities; and one unifying factor is that the vast majority of them specialize in topics […]

The Challenges for (Students of) Contemporary China

It is impossible to do other than assent to the unanimous verdict that China has at length come to the hour of her destiny … The contempt for foreigners is a thing of the past … Even in remote places we have found the new spirit – its evidence, strangely enough, the almost universal desire […]