Present (China-related)

“Sino-European relations and the European sovereign debt crisis,” Political Thought (forthcoming, 2012)

March, 2012. First Workshop of the German-Chinese Graduate School of Global Politics, Renmin University of China, Beijing.
Title: “On the obstacles to greater commitment in the Sino-European relations.”

Past (pre-China)

Refereed articles

“Nation-building Ancient Macedonian style: the origins and the effects of the so-called antiquization in Macedonia,” Nationalities Papers, 39: 1 (2011), pp. 13 – 32.

“Facing the Yugoslav Communist Past in Contemporary Macedonia: Tales of Continuity, Nostalgia and Victimization,” History of Communism in Europe vol. 1 (Bucharest: Zeta Books, December 2010), pp. 183 – 205.


Античка сегашност. Осврт кон грчко-македонскиот спор за Александровото наследство. (Skopje: Templum, 2011). Title in English: Ancient present. Reflections on the Greco-Macedonian feud over Alexander’s legacy. ISBN 978-9989-189-95-1. 211 pages.

Other academic and research publications

“Rethinking ‘Our Values’ in the Age of Aging,” Political Thought, no. 34 (2011), pp. 73-81.

“Kako da izađemo iz antičkog sadašnjeg vremena?,” Novi Plamen, no. 16 (2011), pp. 93-96. In Serbo-Croatian.

“Introduction” and “Hate speech between Macedonians and Bulgarians in the new media” in Hate Speech in Bulgarian and Macedonian Media. Examples, Causes and Solutions – citizens and journalists in a joint cross-border study (ProMedia Sofia and MDC Skopje, 2011). Translated in Bulgarian and Macedonian.

“Religion, Nationalism and Counter-secularization: The Case of the Macedonian Orthodox Church”, Identity Studies no. 2 (Tbilisi, 2010).

“Социјалните медиуми и национализмот: некои размислувања” [“Social Media and Nationalism: Some Reflections”], Културен живот [Cultural Life], 3-4/2009, pp. 32-38.

“Post-communist Transition and the Myth”, Political Thought no. 27 (September 2009), pp. 109-121.

“Теорија на граѓанскиот идентитет” [“Theory of the Civic Identity”], Политичка Мисла [Political Thought] no. 16, December 2006, pp. 39-51 (in Macedonian).

International conferences

May 2011. Regional Research Promotion Programme for the Western Balkans. Annual Conference – Social, Political and Economic Change in the Western Balkans. Sveti Stefan, Montenegro.
Paper topic: “Elite transformation in Macedonia and Albania.”

April 2011. 16th annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities titled “Charting the nation between State and Society” held at the Columbia University in the City of New York, US
Title: “‘Protecting the City’: Urban Mobilization in Three Southeast European Capitals”

June 2010. Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies (EXCEPS) International Conference “Ethno-Politics and Intervention in a Globalised World” at the University of Exeter, UK
Title: “’Salonica is Ours and Albanians are Not’. The contribution of ethnic Macedonian political refugees from Northern Greece in diasporic and domestic ethno-nationalism”

June 2010. Conference “Theories and Practices of Citizenship in the New Balkan States” organized by the Europeanisation of Citizenship in the Successor States of the Former Yugoslavia (CITSEE) Project at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh, UK
Title: “The semantics of “national” belonging in the Republic of Macedonia”

April 2010. 15th annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities titled “Nations and states: on the map and in the mind” held at the Columbia University in the City of New York, US
Title: “Quest for the Glorious Past Reconsidered. Alexander the Great between Greece, Macedonia and the Liberal-Democratic Perspectives.”

Projects and duties at the Center for Research and Policy Making

Conference: One Decade after the Ohrid Framework Agreement | Mapping the leaders in Macedonia and Albania: Elite potential for promoting positive social change | Advocating for brain gain policies in Macedonia | How to eliminate discrimination in the public sector? | Introducing gender-sensitive approach in Macedonian policy-making | Public opinion polling | Publicity |

Press articles

More than 45 entries at the Okno website, since March 2009 [in Macedonian only]

“Мапирање на македонскиот национализам” [“Mapping Macedonian Nationalism”], Глобус [Globus] no. 168 (July, 2010) [part 1 | 2 | 3 published in Okno]

“Деконструирање на митот за МПЦ” [“Deconstruction of the myth about the Macedonian Orthodox Church”], Глобус [Globus] no. 150 (March, 2010)

“Отоманските корени на Македонците” [“The Ottoman Roots of the Macedonians”], Глобус [Globus] no. 143 (January, 2010) [published by Presseurop in English, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Italian, Czech]

“Дијаспората не инфицира со Александар”, оригинално “Македонската антиквизација како копија на грчкиот модел на градење на нацијата” [“The Macedonian antique-ization is a copy of the Greek nation-building model”], Глобус
[Globus] no. 140 (December 2009)

“Демитологизирање на сеќавањата за југословенското минато” [“De-mythologization of the memories of the Yugoslav past”], Глобус [Globus] no. 136 (November 2009)

“Историјата ја пишуваат победниците” [“History is written by the Winners”], Глобус [Globus] no. 130 (October 2009)

“Грешките на Енциклопедијата и Енциклопедијата како грешка”, [“The Mistakes of the Macedonian Encyclopaedia and the ncyclopaedia as a Mistake”], Глобус [Globus] no.
129 (October 2009)

“Штетите од македонските митови” [“The Harm caused by the Myths of Ancient Macedonian Origin”], Глобус [Globus] no. 122 (August 2009)

“Искривениот македонизам на Блаже Ристовски” [“On the flawed Macedonism of Blazhe Ristovski”], Глобус [Globus] no. 106 (March 2009)

“Будењето на македонската граѓанска свест” [“The Awakening of the Macedonian Civic Consciousness” (an etnography of the alterglobalist actions in Macedonia in the period 2007-2008], Маргина [Margina] no. 79-80, June 2008